Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Are you sheet-picky too?

My husband and I are quite picky when it comes to our bedding. He works his booty off to make sure that we are provided for with everything we need and then some, so I make sure the bed is how he likes it. Soft, high quality sheets are a must for a good night's rest. 

We've probably tried every kind of sheet imaginable. All sorts of cotton, cotton blends, silk, satin, sateen, microfiber, fleece, jersey, you name it. We have out favorite go-to's for certain seasons (I have a fluffy warm white fleece set I LOVE for cold winter nights!), but finding a set for the average night has been an ongoing battle.

These satin sheets I recently found on Groupon have definitely made us both happy. I was able to get them at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion through Tomoson. I've never been too keen on satin sheets simply because of how slippy they are, and because the seams tend to come undone so easily when washed after just a time or two. They seem to me to be only for "special occasions" or JUST for looks. But not only is this set soft, and high quality, but they are thick enough to keep you warm, but somehow thin enough to let you breathe! I can't explain it! I've washed then a few times so far, too, and still the seams have remained in tact. No threads loose, no seams undone, no tears or holes. A lot of blankets slipping off, but I'm getting accustomed to moving less to try and stop that lol

If you would like to get yourself a set of this satin soft sheets, head on over to Groupon, and order them today! I'll put the link below to make it easy! I don't get paid for you clicking the link, by the way. Just trying to be helpful :)