Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Hygrometer for an inquisitive kid

My child may only be 10, but he has certain things he is highly focused in. Like really focused. A few of those things are normal 10 year old things that I'd rather he not be so focused in like Minecraft.... but others, like weather and science, I love helping him gather things to keep him inspired and keep learning in those fields.

Now, prior to being given the opportunity to review a Hygrometer through Tomoson, I had absolutely no idea what one was. But, just looking at it, I figured it was something he would like, so I got it. I had him open it, and sure enough, the squeal of excitement he let out proved me right! He knew EXACTLY what it was!

It didn't take but a few moments for him to get batteries in it, get some of his LEGO tape stuff on the wall of his bedroom, build a LEGO shelf, and stick that Hygrometer up on said shelf. He beamed with pride as he read all the information provided on it. He then proceeded to carry it around different parts of the house to see if the humidity and temperature was different, and see if he could figure out what caused the changes. Such as, he went close by the heater, and of course the humidity was lower and the temperature was higher. And in the bathroom where I had just taken a hot shower, the temperature was higher, but so was the humidity.

After investigating all of the sections of the house, he went on to the porch. It was raining outside, so he stayed under the safety of the cover. It was much colder, with a much higher humidity. 

This thing is pretty darn cool. He's checked it multiple times a day. Every day since we got it. If you'd like one for yourself, you can get it here: