Sunday, January 28, 2018

Working man's helper!

My husband does a lot of DIY work around the house, and for his family as well. He also does a lot of construction type work while at his job. This means he has a LOT of tools. Some tools, he seems to buy a LOT of, like squares, and other tools to help him find angles and measurements. He has them lying everywhere. He usually has at least 4 different tools just to get one angle.

Our most recent honey-do project was for him to build a porch. There's a lot of angles that go in to that! When he first got started, he couldn't find his square anywhere. But lucky for me, the delivery man brought the perfect package just in time! I had just ordered a Multi-Angleizer Ruler & Protractor tool kit off AmazonHe got the most use out of the protractor and angle finding tool. I couldn't believe how many angles there are when building a porch!

It is a 3 piece tool kit that comes with a flexible 3 meter (118") long measuring tape, a multi-purpose protractor that also finds inner and outer angle degrees at a precise level, and an easy to use angle ruler. Once my husband got this kit in his hand, the porch was put together quickly and easily!

I don't usually dictate what my husband does with his tools, but I've decided THIS kit is staying right here at home for our DIY projects, but another one is on it's way for him to keep in his work truck! Shhhhh, he just doesn't know it yet!

If you are a DIY'er, have your own business, or work in a construction type field, I guarantee this tool will come in very handy for many projects. Go get yourself one (or many) and use the code WWI9FHIZ to get 50% off over on Amazon here: