Sunday, January 21, 2018

Asani Glass Meal Prep Containers

Over the past couple of years, I've developed quite the stockpile of various meal prep/lunch box food containers for not only food storage, but to send with my husband for work. I've used reusable plastic, metal, disposable, but I've never ventured into glass for fear of it breaking. We tend to break any glass we have. Seriously.

So, when I got the opportunity through Tomoson to review the Asani Glass Meal Prep Containers free in exchange for my honest opinion, I was excited, but not exactly hopeful. I know how glass goes with our house! When it came in, I was pleasantly surprised. This stuff is solid! It is thick, sturdy, and very shatter resistant. Now, I'm not going to purposely put that part to the test, but give it some time and I'm sure I'll be able to let you know how it holds up!

As for it's other aspects.. sheer perfection!

When they say the container is air tight, they mean it! I literally filled it halfway with water, put the lid on, and left it upside down on my kitchen table for an entire day, y'all. No leaks! My wood table is unharmed! Mind you, this is only the actual lid for the entire thing. The separate inside compartments are not airtight from each other, so if you have say soup and crackers, you better keep it flat unless you want them all mixed up. It's simply because they needed a spot to put the utensils, which I understand. But being air tight doesn't just help keep food in, it helps keep bacteria out, so your food is fresh and safe. That, to me, is extremely important. Being air tight also helps prevent food odors from escaping, which can be a big deal whether you're at home, in the car, or have to share a fridge at the office.

The utensils that come with it, in my words, are completely adorable! I know, adorable aren't the words most people use when talking about things you stick in your mouth, but they are! They're big enough my husband can us them without looking silly, but still tiny enough that they fit in my 10 year old's mouth with no issue.

You can bet I will be replacing all of my meal prep container stash with these beauties! Want to get some for yourself, or someone you know will love them? Head on over to Amazon, and load up! They come in a pack of 3! What makes them even better? They're backed by a lifetime guarantee for a no-risk purchase!