Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Walk your pup with ease! #PetzBFF_Leash

When you're walking your dog, it's hard to let them have the space to do their "thing" when their leash is only a few feet long. And when its dark, its so hard to clean up after them. And then, oh no, you find out, you forgot those darn baggies!

Petz Bff fixed all of that with their Heavy duty 15 foot retractable dog leash with bright LED light and attachable dog waste bag dispenser.

I was given the opportunity to purchase one at a deep discount in exchange for my honest review. The opinion in this review is my own, and was not swayed, and I was not compensated.

I have a pomeranian whom we usually use a 5 foot leash with her. We would have to walk her for what seemed to be a very long time before she would do her doody. When we received this leash in the mail, my son was thrilled. He immediately hooked our pup up, and took her out. I think they ran for like 10 minutes! They had so much fun just for the sake of fun!

Seriously though, it has been so handy. We hooked the bag dispenser to the leash handle, put a AAA battery in it for the LED light so we could clean up even at night, and made all our lives just that much easier.

This is definitely a 5 star product, and a great, handy tool for any dog owner!