Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sound Intone E6 Sport In-ear Headphones #earphones

Over the weekend, I received an awesome little package in the mail to review. I got them at a highly discounted rate, but as always, the opinions are my own, and I wasn't swayed by the fact that I received the item at such a great deal in exchange for my review.
What I got was Sound Intone E6 Sport In-ear Headphones. I don't use #earphones much, so I handed them straight over to the gamer in the house. He took out his basic (but beloved) set of earphones and mic, and stuck these bad boys in.

He loved the way they fit. They are shaped completely different than his other earphones. The way they wrap around his ear makes then so comfortable and snug. They don't wiggle, and he doesn't have to constantly adjust them.

He also said they were SO much louder, which was a HUGE plus! He could hear what he needed to, and that's kind of the point of the headphones!

He didn't have a single issue with the microphone either, so there was no complaint about that. Everyone he spoke with could hear him perfectly fine.

The case it comes with is adorable (my words, not his lol). I love that I can pack it all up when the boys are done, so nothing gets lost, and they don't have to ask me to help them find their stuff when they get to playing their games again.

So, whether you have a gamer in your home, a person with electronics who loves to turn up the volume, or a fitness fanatic who likes to take your music on your workouts, these earphones seem to be the perfect little gems.

They come in a variety of colors, too! Head over to Amazon

and get you a pair!