Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Keep yourself safe with these LED Armbands #ledarmband

My son plays outside a lot. He rides his bike, goes to his friends or cousins, or just simply plays with his hot wheels in the yard. He usually has to be home by 7pm, before the sun goes down. Of course, during winter, the sun goes down much sooner. But, I can't keep him locked up all winter just because I'm too paranoid about the dark...... right?

NOT ANYMORE! These LED Armbands that I received free to review in exchange for my honest opinion have saved my sanity,and his playtime!

They are wonderful. They light up nice and bright at the push of the button, and blink at the push of one more. They fit in so many places. He can smack them on his wrist, his ankle, his bike, anywhere!

I can use them, too. Going for an early morning walk? Slap on an armband! Lights go out during a storm? Grab an armband! Have 2 bored children? Straighten out the armbands, and poof, light sabres!