Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Get a little Organization in your life

With this Mop and Broom holder from Home-It , you can definitely help organize your life. 

I was given one of these Mop and broom holders free in exchange for my honest opinion. The following opinion is my own, and I was not swayed by the fact that I received a product for free. 

We have a lot of tools. And not much space for any of them. So when I got the opportunity to review this product I was quite excited. When I received it, I was slightly concerned. There weren't really any instructions that I could find, the color was really blah, and it *seemed* cheap. But, I grabbed my manly-man to put it up anyway.

He grabbed some wood screws and got it installed, and I started hanging tools. I had to make sure not to use the super heavy tools, as it holds tools up to 71/2 pounds, which is still an awesome weight. I was surprised at how much it could hold.

For the price it costs, it does a great job, and it's basic drab color can be fixed with some simple DIY work. Ours is out in the barn, so the color doesn't matter anyway. No one is going to see it out there but us! 

Overall, this is a great little gadget. I would recommend it for every home that has more than one tool with a handle!