Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Curel helps get the itch out

I recently was sent a full size sample of Curel Itch Defense by Influenster for reviewing purposes. These are my honest opinions and experiences while using the product.

My 8 yr old son has eczema, so I was eager to try this one out with him. He's on the Autism spectrum, and getting him to use any sort of lotion is a battle. After I convinced him to let me try it just ONE time, and then he could say yes or no from then on, he was hooked. His eczema is the worst on his toes. After his showers, he now comes straight to me, I spray the Curel Itch Defense on, he rubs it in, tosses some socks on, and goes about his business! He LOVES it! He says it is the BEST lotion I've ever used for his toes before, No itch! That not only makes for a happy kiddo, but a happy Momma, too!

I also decided to give it a try with my husband. He has psoriatic dermatitis that affects his face. It's quite bothersome when it flares. He used some during his most recent flare. He said it stung a bit when he first put it on, but the sting didn't last long, and after that, it helped soothe his skin wonderfully.

Even after our trial bottle runs out, I'll be sure to keep a bottle of Curel Itch Defense stocked in our cabinet!

Thanks Influenster!