Monday, September 28, 2015

My Mini Win!

Today, I'm celebrating a Mini Win.

What might my Mini Win be?

My 8 yr old, 2nd grade son has been doing so well on his spelling words that he has surpassed the "normal" list, and has moved on to words like "comprehend" and "embarrassment", and that sure made me for one proud mom moment today!

Not only that, but I also started up a blog. I used to have one, but stress over-ran my life, and I shut it down. I decided now that having a blog as my outlet is a necessity. and that in itself is a Mini Win!

So, in celebration of my Mini Win, I grabbed a pack of Tastykake Minis, and I popped them in my mouth, one by one. Those 3 bite-size goodies were the perfect treat to end my great Mini Win day!

I got a fantastic box of Tastykake Minis from Influenster free for reviewing purposes, and I can guarantee the opinions are true and are my own, and I have been slowly devouring them ever since. You really should get some too! You should also follow Tastykake on Facebook and Instagram, and tell them Jess sent ya!