Saturday, February 10, 2018

I'm not so hot anymore, but that's a good thing!

When you take as many medications as I do, you're bound to have some side effects. My main one is night sweats. Now, that's nothing compared to what others have, but it's still bothersome, and I don't like it.

I don't like sleeping on a towel, or having to constantly change my sheets. I don't like having to sleep as far away from my husband as possible, because body contact makes me even hotter and I can't cuddle. It sucks.

I needed to find a way to not be so hot. Sleeping with a fan only does so much, and making it cold just gave me cold chills. It didn't stop the sweating. Clint got me a pillow that keeps cool, and that helped some, but there's more to me than a head.

When the opportunity through Tomoson arose to try a stray that works with your body temperature to keep you cool automatically, I knew I had to jump and give it a try. What did I have to lose? Nothing.

This stuff is like magic. It's a miracle worker. Or at least it feels like it to me. When I get ready for bed, I spray a light mist over the parts of my body that are affected by the night sweats the most.

It goes on evenly, and after a quick rub, it disappears as if nothing is there at all.
 It is scent free, phthalate free, grease free, and so much more. It is created in a way that works with your body, so when your body starts to heat up , it kicks in to cool you back down.
Talk about magic.
You can buy yourself a container here:

Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Hygrometer for an inquisitive kid

My child may only be 10, but he has certain things he is highly focused in. Like really focused. A few of those things are normal 10 year old things that I'd rather he not be so focused in like Minecraft.... but others, like weather and science, I love helping him gather things to keep him inspired and keep learning in those fields.

Now, prior to being given the opportunity to review a Hygrometer through Tomoson, I had absolutely no idea what one was. But, just looking at it, I figured it was something he would like, so I got it. I had him open it, and sure enough, the squeal of excitement he let out proved me right! He knew EXACTLY what it was!

It didn't take but a few moments for him to get batteries in it, get some of his LEGO tape stuff on the wall of his bedroom, build a LEGO shelf, and stick that Hygrometer up on said shelf. He beamed with pride as he read all the information provided on it. He then proceeded to carry it around different parts of the house to see if the humidity and temperature was different, and see if he could figure out what caused the changes. Such as, he went close by the heater, and of course the humidity was lower and the temperature was higher. And in the bathroom where I had just taken a hot shower, the temperature was higher, but so was the humidity.

After investigating all of the sections of the house, he went on to the porch. It was raining outside, so he stayed under the safety of the cover. It was much colder, with a much higher humidity. 

This thing is pretty darn cool. He's checked it multiple times a day. Every day since we got it. If you'd like one for yourself, you can get it here:

Added some Bling to my car!

Back in June of last year, my dear husband got me a car. One that will fit our growing family, and then some. I love it! I love the space, I love the feel. I love the color! It's fabulous! I've slowly been adding my own little touches to make it my own. The normal steering wheel cover, sun shade, etc..  I got a dash cam in December. And that was SUPER exciting!

This month, though, I decided to add a little bling. Some glam.

I got tired of seeing the plain ol black, skinny, plastic license plate frame staring at me whenever I looked at my car. So, I hopped on Amazon, and found this Sparkly License Plate Frame from Ecooltek. It was exactly what I was looking for! In my cart it went, and 2 days later (thanks Prime lol) I was ready to glitz my car!

Not only does it include 2 frames so your front and back can match, but they give you screws, glammed up screw covers so you don't have an eyesore in the middle of your sparkly prettiness, extra rhinestones in case anything happens to your frames, and rings for your auto start! Mine doesn't have an auto start button, but you can bet I'm going to find something to do with those beauties!

The frames themselves are very sturdy, and super sparkly. The holes in them lined up perfectly with my license plate. The only worry I have is that the top line is a little thick, so it covers half of my states name. I'm not sure if that will get me pulled over or not, kind of a wait and see thing I guess.

Overall, I'm very happy with this pack, and know a few people who may be getting one as gifts!

Face and Body Coconut Scrub by iBeautyLabs

I love smelling great. I'm sure everyone does. Everyone also has their own opinion on what "great" smells like. But one thing most people can agree on is the scent of coconut. 

Now, I'm not a big coconut fan. But oddly, I love coconut bath products. They just aren't overwhelming! They tend to have mild coconut undertones, just barely there enough to catch your nose. They're perfect!

I was able to purchase the Face and Body Coconut Scrub by iBeautyLabs at a discounted rate recently in exchange for my honest opinion.This one is right on target when it comes to mild coconut scent. It's all natural, sulfate and paraben free, and leaves your skin soft and smelling great! What more can you ask for?! 

Well, there is more!

This facial exfoliating scrub is rich in vitamins, iron, calcium, and magnesium, all key ingredients in nourishing your skin. It also moisturizes and tones skin, leaving it supple and with a youthful glow.  The high vitamin and mineral content of this body scrub makes it ideal for reducing and eliminating acne, stretch marks, eczema, and other spots on your skin. With regular use, you can once again flaunt your beautiful skin for all to see! They use organic coconut oil, so you know you're getting a high quality product you can trust! 

Head over to amazon, and add it to your cart today!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

iBeautyLabs Arabica Coffe Scrub

It's not a hidden fact that I love coffee. In like every form. The drink, coffee flavored fudge, cookies, chocolate covered espresso beans, coffee scented candles, you name it. What I hadn't tried yet was coffee skin care.

Tomoson gave me the chance to try a product by iBeautyLabs at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion recently. I've been using their Arabica Coffee Scrub for about 2 weeks now, and it has been a wonderful start to my mornings! I like using it in the morning before I start my coffee drinking for the day because I can smell it the best at that time. It also seems to help wake me up, and wakes my skin up, leaving my face bright and awake.

There are so many things that I love about this face scrub, but one of the main things is that it paraben and sulfate free, and has no harmful chemicals, like so many other products in the market do. The Arabica Coffee Scrub is an antimicrobial and antioxidant skin scrub, excellent for skin exfoliation. It improves blood circulation, reduces cellulite, and keeps skin soft and hydrated. It has coarse particles that do a great job of opening up your pores and cleaning all impurities, leaving you with soft, healthy, and radiant skin that you are going to love.

This face and body scrub not only does a great job of cleaning your skin, but safeguards it from germs too. it has strong anti-microbial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that guarantee healthy skin always. 

You can get it for yourself at

Swiss-Ultimate Labs Sonic Leaf 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Brush

I have never had a good routine when it comes to skin care. Sure, I bathe regularly. I don't wear a lot of makeup, so I don't have a lot of stuff gunking up my pores, but I don't do much to protect or heal my skin either. Toner, what's that? How many times a day are you supposed to wash your face?! There's a certain kind of lotion just for your face?! Really?! Ugh...

But, as I'm getting older, wrinklier, and grayer, I've decided I have GOT to start doing something to my skin! I have GOT to get myself in to a good routine, make good habits, make good choices, and find good products! I've been experimenting and reviewing a lot of products. Most recently was the Swiss-Ultimate Labs Sonic Leaf 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Brush that I got through Tomoson in exchange for my honest review purchased at a discount from Wal-Mart.

The box it came in was so sweet and pretty, so simple. I kinda didn't expect much to come of it since it didn't seem complicated enough! Just a little pink thing with a white charger cord, just like my phone charger! Bonus, it also came with a little bottle of facial soap for me to try :)

Not knowing what I was really doing, I grabbed a rag, and filled it with scalding hot water, and slapped it on my face, cause that's how you open your pores before you clean your face, right? Yeah, maybe just warm water will do. So once, I calmed down, cooled down, and put normal temperatured water on my face, I got the pink silicone thing wet, added some of the liquid soap to it, pushed the little button, and went to rubbing it on my face.


I swear, I washed my face for a good 5 minutes. I only stopped because the baby was getting mad that I wasn't paying attention to him. That was AMAZING! If washing my face felt like that every time, I would have been washing my face 3 times a day every day my entire life!

So, I've used it daily for a week now (probably more than I'm supposed to, but I don't care, I love it), and my face is crazy soft. I decided to take it one step further last night, and used some coconut scrub with it! It's not a harsh scrub, so it wasn't irritating, and sure smelled amazing! I even got my husband to use it!

This is definitely a product that is worth the money, and that I highly recommend. I'm thinking of buying one for my husband, just so I don't have to share mine :-D

If you would like to get yourself one, or know someone who you would like to gift one to, you can get it at Wal-Mart here:

Best pet grooming brush I've used!

I have a Pomeranian. She's a 3 year old, long haired, white, spoiled princess named Jenna. She likes long walks, the meaty bits of her dog food, taking baths in ponds, and following the toddler around to collect any snacks he may drop.

What she doesn't like is getting brushed. Not one bit. I've tried SO many different brushes, combs, mitts, you name it. NOTHING has satisfied Miss Fancy Pants! And with her fluff butt, she NEEDS to be brushed, A LOT! 

I was pretty excited when I was given the opportunity through Tomoson to try the Furbliss Green Multi-Functional Grooming Brush. The fact that it is made specifically for long haired small dogs was what made me the most excited. Could this be it for us?

After I convinced her to come out of her comfy, cozy bed, I let her sniff it, and started brushing her. She didn't run! She didn't squirm, or squeal, or anything! She acted like a good girl! It didn't take long for the brush to fill up with shed fur from her coat. Luckily, it is extremely easy to clean off, and I was able to get right back to grooming her. 

With a 16 month running around, I didn't exactly get to do a whole lot of work on her in one sitting, but the fact that she sat there and let me do it at all was a HUGE accomplishment!

The versatile and convenient Swiss-designed Furbliss brush provides a gentle and calming brushing action that massages your pet, leaving her in pure bliss. This 100% medical grade silicone brush de-sheds, stimulates and nourishes your pet’s coat, and removes sebum and dander. The back side of the Furbliss helps loosen fur and is a highly effective tool to remove fur and lint from clothing, furniture, and auto interiors.

Furbliss is also the perfect brush for bath time! Simply fill the compartments with your pet’s shampoo and scrub. Once your pet is clean and dry, run the brush through her coat to leave it shiny and soft.

Pet parent tested and loved by pets - this brush is simply Furbliss. Made in the USA.

They have the brushes also available for short-haired small pets, short-haired medium/large pets, and long-haired large pets. You can get them at