Friday, April 20, 2018

Anxiety, worry, and fear. Do you suffer?

fear. Stress. Anxiety. Worry.

I'm a worrier. A worry-wart, as many have called me all my life. I stress, then I worry about being stressed, and it makes my anxiety skyrocket, then I get upset because I feel like I'm worrying over nothing, and that starts the cycle back over. And over. And over. I know that I am not the only person that goes through this rough, hard-to-break cycle. So many suffer through it every day. 

I've tried counseling, medication, therapy, meditation, yoga, you name it. Either I'm too uncomfortable in the situation to even see if it will help, or it just flat out didn't help.

When I was given the chance to review the book Overcoming Anxiety, Worry, and Fear by Gregory L. Jantz PhD, I figured that it was worth the try. What could I lose? I have to admit, I wasn't hopeful, my expectations weren't high.

I started the book slowly, as I'm not much of a reader. I get bored easily, lose my spot, give up after just a few pages. I think I read the first few pages of this book probably 5 times before I MADE myself actually pay attention and truly give it a shot. I'm thankful that I did.

There is so much helpful information in this book. So much that can help so many people, if we could just get it into their hands. One of my favorite parts of the book was about stuff. It is something I do a lot. I hold on to a lot of stuff in the hopes it will make me feel better when in fact it has the opposite effect. Physical stuff, emotional stuff, it's just not good. It was this point in the book that I started crying. I felt like the book was speaking to me. Like it was written for me, about me, to help me.

I've read that part many times. Not because I needed to read it again to understand it, but because I felt so connected to it. Of course, it's not the only part of the book that did me good. There were many parts, this was just the most influential.

I suggest if you or someone you know is suffering with anxiety, worry, fear, stress, that you purchase this book. That you take the time to read it, REALLY read it.

You can find it on Amazon, or Barnes & Nobles, or by following this link:

I hope this book can help you or your loved one as much as it has me.

No one likes a dog with stinky breath!

I have a 3 year old Pomeranian. She's beautiful, spoiled, white, and has some stinky breath! We make sure her mouth stays FAR away from ours as much as possible, but sometimes she sneaks right up on us!

We've tried a few different doggy dental products from bones to toothbrushes, but either she put up a huge fight, or just didn't like them. (What dog doesn't chew on a bone?!)

That's why I was super excited to get the opportunity to try Peppermint & Spearmint Fresh Breath Dental Spray from Zesty Paws. I figured if it's safe, might as well give it a try!

Peppermint & Spearmint Fresh Breath Dental Spray is made with a special blend of aloe vera, peppermint oil, spearmint leaf and rosemary extract, this spray will leave your buddy’s breath minty fresh and his teeth cleaner and healthier. It only takes a few quick sprays to support periodontal health for cleaner, fresher kisses. There is nothing in this product that will harm your pet!

It's extremely easy to use, especially if your pup isn't fussy. Even my spoiled princess didn't have a problem using it. I just opened her mouth a little, sprayed it twice, and on our way to fresher breath we went! Now, it doesn't work any longer than the breath freshener sprays do that are for humans, so don't think it is a "cure-all" for your dog's bad breath, just a helper in the moment for a bit of time. 

There are a lot of key benefits to using the Zesty Paws spray:

  • An easy and effective way to eliminate mouth odors and support periodontal health.
  • Made with plant-based oils to provide a long-lasting minty sensation and fresh smelling breath.
  • Easy-to-use concentrated liquid can be sprayed directly into your dog’s mouth for a cleaner, healthier appearance. 
  • Includes rosemary oil to encourage proper digestive function, supporting mouth and gut health. 
  • Ideal for dogs of all breeds and ages and manufactured in FDA-registered facilities in the USA 

 If you'd like to get some for your furbaby, or one you know that has some stinky breath, head on over to Chewy!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Bitor Exfoliating Foot Peel

I've always taken great pride in keeping my feet in tip top shape year round. But, since baby #2 came, I've slacked. Horribly. 

No matter what creams or lotions I slather on, nor way fancy scrubby foot cleansers I use, my feet still look like this. I blame flip flops and crazy Texas weather!

I've seen a lot of ads, mostly on Facebook, for those magic foot peels that supposedly make your feet like brand new. They look creepy, making your skin literally fall off. But, it's supposed to be safe, effective, and pain free. So, I decided to give one a try.

This is the one I'm trying. The application was very easy. Now it's the hard part of waiting! I'm carefully following the instructions which say to keep my feet moisturized and not pick at the skin as it starts to come off. 

I'm on day 3 post treatment, and am noticing a difference in how my toes and heels look. Definitely look like they will be peeling soon! 

I will update with during and after pictures soon! 

In the mean time, head on over too get your own at Amazon and we can compare outcomes!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

IZAR Pipe & Tube Cutter Review

We do a LOT of Do-It-Yourself home improvement projects for ourselves and for my husband's family, so I was thrilled to get my hands on the IZAR Pipe & Tube Cutter. It's the perfect size for the pipes and tubes we cut 98% of the time. And we ALWAYS seem to need a cutter, and can never find one!

This little tool is no bigger than the palm of my hand, so it fits perfectly in pockets. It can cut 1/8 inch to 1 inch diameter pipes and tubes. It comes with a spare blade, too!

Unfortunately for me, my husband loved it so much that he hi-jacked it and took it to work. He apparently uses it there a ton, and it has come in EXTREMELY handy! At least I know it works well, otherwise he wouldn't have taken it!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be buying a lot more of these throughout this year, and probably filling some male stockings with them this upcoming Christmas!

You can get your hands on one (or more!) by heading over to Amazon at the following link:

I was able to purchase this at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Are you sheet-picky too?

My husband and I are quite picky when it comes to our bedding. He works his booty off to make sure that we are provided for with everything we need and then some, so I make sure the bed is how he likes it. Soft, high quality sheets are a must for a good night's rest. 

We've probably tried every kind of sheet imaginable. All sorts of cotton, cotton blends, silk, satin, sateen, microfiber, fleece, jersey, you name it. We have out favorite go-to's for certain seasons (I have a fluffy warm white fleece set I LOVE for cold winter nights!), but finding a set for the average night has been an ongoing battle.

These satin sheets I recently found on Groupon have definitely made us both happy. I was able to get them at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion through Tomoson. I've never been too keen on satin sheets simply because of how slippy they are, and because the seams tend to come undone so easily when washed after just a time or two. They seem to me to be only for "special occasions" or JUST for looks. But not only is this set soft, and high quality, but they are thick enough to keep you warm, but somehow thin enough to let you breathe! I can't explain it! I've washed then a few times so far, too, and still the seams have remained in tact. No threads loose, no seams undone, no tears or holes. A lot of blankets slipping off, but I'm getting accustomed to moving less to try and stop that lol

If you would like to get yourself a set of this satin soft sheets, head on over to Groupon, and order them today! I'll put the link below to make it easy! I don't get paid for you clicking the link, by the way. Just trying to be helpful :)

Saturday, February 10, 2018

I'm not so hot anymore, but that's a good thing!

When you take as many medications as I do, you're bound to have some side effects. My main one is night sweats. Now, that's nothing compared to what others have, but it's still bothersome, and I don't like it.

I don't like sleeping on a towel, or having to constantly change my sheets. I don't like having to sleep as far away from my husband as possible, because body contact makes me even hotter and I can't cuddle. It sucks.

I needed to find a way to not be so hot. Sleeping with a fan only does so much, and making it cold just gave me cold chills. It didn't stop the sweating. Clint got me a pillow that keeps cool, and that helped some, but there's more to me than a head.

When the opportunity through Tomoson arose to try a stray that works with your body temperature to keep you cool automatically, I knew I had to jump and give it a try. What did I have to lose? Nothing.

This stuff is like magic. It's a miracle worker. Or at least it feels like it to me. When I get ready for bed, I spray a light mist over the parts of my body that are affected by the night sweats the most.

It goes on evenly, and after a quick rub, it disappears as if nothing is there at all.
 It is scent free, phthalate free, grease free, and so much more. It is created in a way that works with your body, so when your body starts to heat up , it kicks in to cool you back down.
Talk about magic.
You can buy yourself a container here:

Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Hygrometer for an inquisitive kid

My child may only be 10, but he has certain things he is highly focused in. Like really focused. A few of those things are normal 10 year old things that I'd rather he not be so focused in like Minecraft.... but others, like weather and science, I love helping him gather things to keep him inspired and keep learning in those fields.

Now, prior to being given the opportunity to review a Hygrometer through Tomoson, I had absolutely no idea what one was. But, just looking at it, I figured it was something he would like, so I got it. I had him open it, and sure enough, the squeal of excitement he let out proved me right! He knew EXACTLY what it was!

It didn't take but a few moments for him to get batteries in it, get some of his LEGO tape stuff on the wall of his bedroom, build a LEGO shelf, and stick that Hygrometer up on said shelf. He beamed with pride as he read all the information provided on it. He then proceeded to carry it around different parts of the house to see if the humidity and temperature was different, and see if he could figure out what caused the changes. Such as, he went close by the heater, and of course the humidity was lower and the temperature was higher. And in the bathroom where I had just taken a hot shower, the temperature was higher, but so was the humidity.

After investigating all of the sections of the house, he went on to the porch. It was raining outside, so he stayed under the safety of the cover. It was much colder, with a much higher humidity. 

This thing is pretty darn cool. He's checked it multiple times a day. Every day since we got it. If you'd like one for yourself, you can get it here: